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In a world that's always changing, give your child the skills to thrive. 

At our course, they'll build their own mini-business, learn not just about money, but how to communicate, make decisions, build confidence and develop the right attitude and mindset.

They will learn by doing, and get skills that last a lifetime.


All important things not always covered in school, but we reckon they ought to be.

It's real-world practice for real-life success.



Young Entrepreneurs: Skills for Tomorrow:

Our 3-month program is crafted to empower children aged 7-15 with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in today's dynamic world.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 3 months, 1 lesson per week, 90 mins

  • Age Group: 7-15 years old

  • Focus Areas:

    • Entrepreneurial Basics

    • Financial Literacy

    • Growth Mindset


  • Business Insight: Your child will learn the basics of business, including what businesses do, how to come up with creative ideas for starting a business. They'll also discover how build a business plan, why the business need a logo, how to connect with customers, and how to solve problems.

  • Financial Mastery: Children will discover crucial money skills such as budgeting, saving, and basic investing, essential for running their business successfully. Our goal is to make financial education enjoyable and interactive, ensuring that children grasp these fundamental concepts effectively for their future endeavors.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: This part helps kids learn important skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and how to find good solutions. These skills are key for having an entrepreneurial mindset, which means being good at coming up with new ideas, adapting to changes, and being ready to tackle challenges in a smart way.

KidzFair _ Young Entrepreneurs _ Great Dunmow

Three reasons to ENROLL your child in this course  right now:

  •         Empowerment: Equip your child with valuable skills and knowledge to navigate the world of entrepreneurship confidently.

  •         Future Readiness: Prepare your child for the future by instilling a strong foundation in financial literacy, entrepreneurial basics, and a growth mindset.

  •         Fun Learning: Engage your child in interactive and enjoyable lessons designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.


  • Parents who want to help their kids explore new ideas and develop essential skills.

  • Kids and teens who are eager to learn about entrepreneurship and business fundamentals in a fun and interactive way.

KidzFair _ Young Entrepreneurs _ Great Dunmow
KidzFair _ Young Entrepreneurs _ Great Dunmow



Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your child's future! Register now to secure a spot in our Young Entrepreneurs Program.


Empower your child to think creatively, manage finances wisely, and embrace the spirit of innovation.

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About Us:

Meet Natalia and Elena, the dynamic duo behind The Junior Business Club and KidzFair. With extensive experience in the corporate sphere and successful entrepreneurial ventures, we've interacted with numerous parents and teens, understanding deeply the concerns and aspirations for the future. Our hands-on approach, tested with our own children, has shown remarkable transformations, shaping young minds to navigate life's journey confidently.

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