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Sofia, 12,  (Bubble Kitti): selling bubble tea and biscuits

Sianna, 12, (S.C. Design): handmade jewellery

Evelyna, 10, (Evi Crystals Craft): handmade crystal jewellery

Daisy, 14  (bea and Beau craft): handmade doughnut and honey soaps

Marcel, 11: artist, exclusive paintings

Isabelle (Beaded jewellery and personalised items) 

Dylan, 10: American type sweets with homemade gift bags

Anna, 14 (Chado Toys): crochet toys

Sevgi, 8 (Sev's rainbow bead): beaded bracelets

Sophie, 15  (Sophie's bites): selling homemade baked items

Alex, 12: selling Pokemon cards


Charlotte  Lewington

Wellness Coach & Executive Coach. 

Creator & founder of Mente Hermosa Academy - a training and events platform that aims to support childcare educators and professionals to better support children and young people with their mental health and wellbeing. 

She empowers children and young people to feel confident, develops self-esteem and a strong character in order to enable them to learn the skills which allow them to be comfortable with who they are in a judgemental society.

children's fair - local fair - children's business

Martin Banns

Co-founder at enGageAir

Having been in aviation all working life,  Martin is adamant that being customer focused is the key to success.


As an experienced professional, with a proven record of results, Martin found that having the requirements of his customers to the fore throughout his working day focuses him to consistently delivering and achieving high levels of Customer satisfaction, while undertaking some of the most challenging air freight projects. 

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EngageAir-Logo (2clrs).png

EnGage Air is an aviation consultancy with an extensive background in the air cargo charter market. Made up of some of the world’s most experienced charter professionals, our project management has been relied upon by every industry.


We’ve helped stop factory shutdowns, we've supported the biggest names in show business, and we've aided global emergencies. Oh, we’ve also helped set a world record or two.

Indigo logo eng.png

Abacus-based mental calculation programme for children from 5 to 14 years old

INDIGO Mental Training developed a unique curriculum, which includes tactile, auditory and visual techniques that train your child to make rapid and accurate mental calculations.  


Online classes available, with face to face classes to be available soon.

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Our Academies are a great way to grow a community . 

The workshops and classes are a fun place where children can learn to be themselves and they learn what is really important to love themselves from the inside out. 


We offer fun creative workshops events and camps for children of all ages that focus on the development of strong self esteem and confidence as well as leadership skills. 

They will learn life skills that often take adults a lifetime to learn. 

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