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June 2023, Great Dunmow


Alex & Sofia, 12yr (ASORI) - Unique wearable goods and not only

Evelyna, 11yr (Evi Crystals Craft) - Handmade crystal jewellery

Patricia, 12yr, Lucas, 7yr - Author of children's book and stickers

Marcel, 11yr - Artist, exclusive paintings, cards and bookmarks

Isabelle, 11yr (Beadz by bobz) - Handmade jewellery and party bags

Anna, 14yr (Chado Toys)  - Crochet toys

Ruhani, 13yr (Lion Doodle) - Quote & doodle canvases

Lucy, 13yr - Handmade crochet treasures

Poppy, 9yr - Lavender cushions and small hand-painted canvas

Maya, 9yr - Handmade jewellery, keyrings and trinkets

Thiago, 11yr - Card Rooms - Card and board games of own design

Megan, 13yr (Seed & Sprout) - Sustainable seed growing kit for children

Tyra, 9yr - Hand-painted fans as wearable art

Henry, 12yr - Collector cards(some handmade) and toys.

Zoe, 14yr - Handmade beaded jewellery, using quality materials, along with other arts and crafts such as tote bags and pencil cases.

Arthur, 9yr - Creative bookmarks and cuddly toys

Isaac, 10yr - Pokemon cards

Rosa, 10yr & Ruby, 8yr (Hidden Gems) - Magnificent soaps and candles

Aashna, 13yr & Rey, 9yr - Candy floss, popcorn, as well as arts & crafts

Sofia, 12yr (BubbleKitti) - boba tea

Jack, 11yr - Sugar symphony: sweets for every taste

Arjun, 15yr, Jairaj 13yr & Yashraj 9yr - Sweet bliss: sweet's jars and cones (Father's Day specials included)

Dylan, 11yr - Delicious cupcakes and sweets

Ethan, 12yr (Ethan Bakaroo) - Down Under delights: Australian bakes

Sophie, 15yr & Thomas, 11yr (Sophie's bites) - French and British bakes goods


Indigo logo eng.png

Abacus-based mental calculation programme for children from 5 to 14 years old

INDIGO Mental Training developed a unique curriculum, which includes tactile, auditory and visual techniques that train your child to make rapid and accurate mental calculations.  


Online classes available, with face to face classes to be available soon.


A Train with the big dogs

Join a boxing gym with a passionate, determined, and amazingly supportive atmosphere. Whether you’re experienced or just thinking about giving boxing a try - we have classes and PT sessions to suit you.

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