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At KidzFair, we're all about sparking the entrepreneurial fire in kids,
helping them build the skills they need to lead tomorrow's businesses.

We offer a fun and lively space where young business minds can learn, develop, and show off their bright ideas. Our events are designed to help kids and teens understand the basics of running a business, guiding them every step of the way.
KidzFair, Great Dunmow 2022

KidzFair, Great Dunmow 2022

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My child has a business idea,

how can they participate?

A one-day event that provides young entrepreneurs (7-17) the opportunity to turn their idea into a real business, earn their own money, get prizes and recognition from our judging panel, and more importantly learn through experience.

There is a fee of £20 from all accepted businesses run by children 7-17 years old. The stalls are limited, and this is to reserve their spot at the fair. 

The young entrepreneurs will learn:

  • how to create a simple business plan and what are cost, revenue and profit; 

  • the basics of branding - from coming up with a name to presenting the products; 

  • how to raise funds if required for the business;

  • how to spread the word about the new business and the event;

  • how to sell and  speak to customers. 


Will there be prizes?


We have prizes in the following categories: Best Product, Best Stall, Best Customer Service. The prizes in each category will be awarded at the end of the fair. All approved entries will be automatically entered into the competition.

Judges will ask the entrepreneurs questions about the business, such as how they came up with product prices and how they promoted their products. Judges will also evaluate how much of the business reflects their own work (versus parents’).

 How to become a sponsor?

We're looking for corporate sponsors to back our events, providing every young entrepreneur with the fantastic chance to launch their own businesses.


Sponsors can expect direct contact with parents and customers and help provide resources for young entrepreneurs.

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